Wednesday, August 11, 2010

double trouble

(milla of the girl who married a bear in vintage gunne)

(and missa of thrift candy in a sister gunne)

this post on the girl who married a bear handed me a couple of photos i just had to add to our parade. i didn't know whose photo to put first, because both are lovely photos of beautiful women whose blogs i finally i decided to put milla first since i am quoting her post so liberally (do check her post, though, for more "sister dresses").

there's always space for more photos of girlies wearing their gunnies (hi, c!), so send some to me, would ya?

Monday, August 2, 2010

calico buzz

at kara's (of porkchop rules) and my brick and mortar shop, crimson & clover, a week or so ago, wearing a vintage gunne top i got from enid and edgar vintage with a thrifted vintage wannabe gunne skirt by "coming attractions".

and i FINALLY got around to listing this amazing black label Gunne in my vintage etsy shop.

p.s. happy birthday, kara!