Friday, September 17, 2010

more double trouble

(rachel in her striking gunne. i love the white boots!)

(2009, the first annual gunne parade, and birthplace of this blog. i am wearing my identical gunne on the far right, though it is partially obscured by a denim gunne vest, a calimba, and general awkwardness. also pictured in the photo, from left to right, are amber of violet folklore, sasha of astral boutique, and my daughter)

remember our friend rachel? she sent a new photo of her wearing another gunne from her collection....and it happens to be the same one that i have! (and my favorite ever, too.) brown, black and cream calicos in complementary stripe and print, accented with cream lace. rachel's is only the third of these sundresses i have ever seen. and a while back i had a long sleeved striped sister dress that found its home through my etsy shop:

this whole little collection of gunnes in brown are just perfect for autmun.

thanks again, rachel!
take care, all. xo

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

double trouble

(milla of the girl who married a bear in vintage gunne)

(and missa of thrift candy in a sister gunne)

this post on the girl who married a bear handed me a couple of photos i just had to add to our parade. i didn't know whose photo to put first, because both are lovely photos of beautiful women whose blogs i finally i decided to put milla first since i am quoting her post so liberally (do check her post, though, for more "sister dresses").

there's always space for more photos of girlies wearing their gunnies (hi, c!), so send some to me, would ya?

Monday, August 2, 2010

calico buzz

at kara's (of porkchop rules) and my brick and mortar shop, crimson & clover, a week or so ago, wearing a vintage gunne top i got from enid and edgar vintage with a thrifted vintage wannabe gunne skirt by "coming attractions".

and i FINALLY got around to listing this amazing black label Gunne in my vintage etsy shop.

p.s. happy birthday, kara!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

flower power and the gunnesaxgirl

darn it, i did it again! i went and neglected the poor little gunne blog. so many gunnes, so little time and all that....
the photos above are of my blogging bud, cynthia, wearing one of her gunnes. she always finds the best settings for taking photos of purty dresses....

i just noticed a new store that popped up on etsy, called gunnesaxgirl. not much to speak of in the way of a profile or story, but she's got a bunch of gunnes (like the two above) and most of them are in good, wearable sizes (noticed several 11s).

also found on etsy:

sew your own gunne with this vintage pattern from BlueCatVintage

hope everyone has been doing well. i will try not to stay away for so long next time :) xo

Monday, May 17, 2010


when i saw an email from amber of violet folklore in the gunne love mailbox, i suspected that i was in for treat....
...and i was right! these first two pictures (above) are of gunnes from amber's own closet. the second one was the what she wore to our gunne sax parade last autumn. i just love the black calico with red accents!

(exquisite brown paisley white label gunne offered by violet folklore)

in case the sight of elegant amber in her gunnes leaves you jonesing for a new gunne, these two are now looking for loving homes.

(blush pink white label gunne with ribbon and lace trim offered by violet folklore)

and these last few photos are of gunnes that have "found their destiny" (as amber likes to say) through violet folklore:

(the gunne above purchased from violet folklore was used as a wedding dress!)

still need more gunne? amber sent me a link to a facebook group called the Gunne Sax Addicts
and check out the interview with amber now featured at citizen rosebud
thanks so much, amber <3<3<3>

Thursday, May 6, 2010

i'm every woman, it's all in me

cynthia of submitted this photo of her in her very first gunne! she doesn't love the photo, but i think it's great--looks like a meeting of goddesses in the garden :) check out her blog for more loveliness.

amazing batik gunne offered by Tiger Cult Vintage
this vintage gunne has all the bells and whistles--corset front, lace inset sleeves, and, last but not least, a striking and awesome batik pattern. wow, just wow.
AND, she's in need of a new home, so check her our here.

Monday, April 26, 2010


(judy and her daughter at our paintmaking station. yeah, it is supposed to be blurry like that, sure sure.)

every year at my kids' school, we have a renaissance faire to celebrate leonardo da vinci's birthday. most everybody dresses up in an attempt to be historically accurate, and i have seen more than a couple gunnes floating across the gymnasium for the occasion. this year i worked most of the day with judy, who was wearing her gunne that i remembered spying last year. this year, i just had to get her story and snap a couple pics.
it turns out that judy is the original owner of the dress. it was purchased for her in 1974, when she was 14 years old. the dress is made of black and cream calicos littered with red, blue and green flora, and boasts black corseted details at the bust and mutton sleeves. lovely!

and here's a few gunne goodies looking for loving homes on etsy:

yikes, the risk of browsing for gunnes on etsy is falling in love and making a purchase. but just look at it-- i had to! purchased from enidandedgar

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

daughter of aquarius

(the red hair, the burgandy gunne--too much pretty in one place!)

yikes, i said i wouldn't be away for so long this time...and here it's been 2+ weeks! no matter now, though, because i am back with another lovely gunne lover! many thanks to Kat for getting in touch and sharing the photo above. she first fell for a gunne when she saw an old photo of her then-sixteen year old mom wearing one (thus i have dubbed her our Daughter of Aquarius). and years later while sifting through donations for their church's annual rummage sale, Kat's mom found her the dress pictured above (for only $2!). a great story and a beautiful photo! thanks again!

i also wanted to post a few photos of gunnes that i have "temporary custody" of while i find them their new loving homes. i am hoping to get them listed in my etsy shop this week, but in the meantime i wanted to add them to our growing gunne database.....

a showstopper in unbleached muslin and lace

lace sleeved muted floral voile

black calico in a rare vtg size 13

baby blue calico with lace up cap sleeves

got gunnes to add to the blog? shoot me a photo/link....hope you all are well. take care. xo

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

woodland fairy

(pure white with elbow length sleeves--dainty yet perfect with boots)

(cap sleeves and corset front--love it!)

happy new year, all! another decade of loving gunnes behind us. i am sorry to not have posted more recently, but we are back now...and with another lovely gunne lover to feature!

thank you to rachel for submitting these precious photos of her in a couple of her vintage gunne dresses. her sweet and pretty face and the natural surroundings inspired me to call her our woodland fairy.

i have another gunne devotee to feature soon (thank you!), as well as photos of some vintage pieces that are moving through my etsy store that i want to add to our library of gunne i promise to be away for so long this time! take care, all. xo ---n

p.s. got gunne photos? well, shoot them over!