Wednesday, July 28, 2010

flower power and the gunnesaxgirl

darn it, i did it again! i went and neglected the poor little gunne blog. so many gunnes, so little time and all that....
the photos above are of my blogging bud, cynthia, wearing one of her gunnes. she always finds the best settings for taking photos of purty dresses....

i just noticed a new store that popped up on etsy, called gunnesaxgirl. not much to speak of in the way of a profile or story, but she's got a bunch of gunnes (like the two above) and most of them are in good, wearable sizes (noticed several 11s).

also found on etsy:

sew your own gunne with this vintage pattern from BlueCatVintage

hope everyone has been doing well. i will try not to stay away for so long next time :) xo