Monday, May 17, 2010


when i saw an email from amber of violet folklore in the gunne love mailbox, i suspected that i was in for treat....
...and i was right! these first two pictures (above) are of gunnes from amber's own closet. the second one was the what she wore to our gunne sax parade last autumn. i just love the black calico with red accents!

(exquisite brown paisley white label gunne offered by violet folklore)

in case the sight of elegant amber in her gunnes leaves you jonesing for a new gunne, these two are now looking for loving homes.

(blush pink white label gunne with ribbon and lace trim offered by violet folklore)

and these last few photos are of gunnes that have "found their destiny" (as amber likes to say) through violet folklore:

(the gunne above purchased from violet folklore was used as a wedding dress!)

still need more gunne? amber sent me a link to a facebook group called the Gunne Sax Addicts
and check out the interview with amber now featured at citizen rosebud
thanks so much, amber <3<3<3>

Thursday, May 6, 2010

i'm every woman, it's all in me

cynthia of submitted this photo of her in her very first gunne! she doesn't love the photo, but i think it's great--looks like a meeting of goddesses in the garden :) check out her blog for more loveliness.

amazing batik gunne offered by Tiger Cult Vintage
this vintage gunne has all the bells and whistles--corset front, lace inset sleeves, and, last but not least, a striking and awesome batik pattern. wow, just wow.
AND, she's in need of a new home, so check her our here.